Bridges – Bay Area is well connected through its water channels by 5 different bridges in the main Bay Area itself (with a few others in the outlying areas).  The 5 main bridges for the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, include the Bay Bridge, Dumbarton Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Richmond Bridge, and San Mateo Bridge.


  • Bay Bridge – length of 4.46 miles (7.18 kilometers) connecting San Francisco to Oakland (Alameda County, East Bay).
Bay Bridge

  • Dumbarton Bridge - length of 1.63 miles (2.62 kilometers) connecting Menlo Park (San Mateo County / Peninsula) to Fremont (Alameda County, East Bay).
Dumbarton Bridge

  • Golden Gate Bridge - length of 1.7 miles (2.7 kilometers) connecting San Francisco to Sausalito (Marin County).
Golden Gate Bridge

  • Richmond-San Rafael Bridge - length of 5.5 miles (8.9 kilometers) connecting Richmond (Contra Costa County) to San Rafael (Marin County).
Richmond Bridge

  • San Mateo Bridge - length of 7 miles (11 kilometers) connecting Foster City (San Mateo County / Peninsula) to Hayward (Alameda County, East Bay).
San Mateo Bridge