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Bay Area Schools / Silicon Valley Schools API Scores and Other Information - Link to the API scores for Silicon Valley schools in California throughout the Bay Area provided by the "California Department of Education".  This is a complete list for all schools in the state, but below are some direct links to Bay Area schools / Silicon Valley schools in specific areas that a Bay Area home buyer will encounter while conducting their search for Silicon Valley homes in the Bay Area real estate market.  It is important to take the specific Bay Area schools into account when buying a Bay Area home as the quality and proximity of the schools around a property has a huge impact on its resale value and desirability by buyers in the future.  For these reasons, we are providing below lists of Bay Area schools, Silicon Valley schools' districts as they relate to various Bay Area housing markets to assist Bay Area home buyers with their Silicon Valley Real Estate search.  These lists include public schools in the various Bay Area, Silicon Valley communities so to provide you with a complete overview of the options available in the area.  You may click on any of the Bay Area cities below to view a comprehensive list of public schools that are available in the area keeping in mind that the goal of the state of California to have all schools be at an API of above 800 --- API below 700 is generally "below average", 700-800 is "average", 800-900 is "good / above average", 900+ is "great school". 


San Francisco Schools API Scores (SF Schools only)


San Mateo County Schools API Scores (Peninsula Schools)


Santa Clara County Schools API Scores (South Bay Schools)


Santa Cruz County Schools API Scores


Other Bay Area Schools / Silicon Valley Schools (search by Name, Distance or location)


 Map of CA Average School API Scores 


CA Distinguished Schools